BeInspired – Excellent Basingstoke and North Hampshire Event for business

BeInspired09 – Well done Business Link!

I thoroughly enjoyed it and not just for the free gifts that were lavished out. This was excellent for local small Business and I hope it becomes a regular occurrence.

The Microsoft talk was mired in technical mishaps but the gist of web/mail/hosting/SaaS convergence was well understood and was on the money.

You could see where the the path was leading. The “traditional” marketeers looked a bit sorry for themselves whereas the web design company talk on SEO was playing to a packed house. Everyone was feverishly scribbling down everything that was said.

I really must finish the SEO and SEM marketing guide that I have been putting together as people obviously love plain English guides to optimising thier website for organic rankings. I guess in these tight times people are less willing to finance Pay Per Click (PPC) ads!