Web Development

Bespoke solution development services

Custom Web Development

If your project has more complex requirements then we can help build a bespoke web application for you. A web application can be accessed from a web browser, desktop application or a mobile app.

The benefits of a web application to today’s business are:

  • Web-based solutions are available to your staff wherever they are. They are easy to manage, maintain and unlike traditional applications they do not need to be installed on each individual’s machine. Our web-based solutions can economically scale with your business from a single user up to many thousands and are available to your staff wherever they are. Our internal processes ensure that our web-based systems are inherently secure, thus protecting your business critical data and your customers privacy.
  • Our web applications can also be integrated with the latest mobile applications. For example we can develop a web application that allows user to login and add content like posts/blogs which will then immediately be published on a mobile devices and synchronise any changes.

Online Data Capture & Calculators

If you need feedback from your customers or you require an online survey, or something more complex like an online calculator, we have years of experience writing secure data capture and rules based calculator engines for the web. We can work with you to produce an easy to navigate user interface and translate your requirements into a scalable user friendly solution.