Backup & Recovery
for Servers &
Desktop Computers

Robust backup solutions for small businesses ensuring you can keep running if your hardware fails

On Line Backup

We can provide an end-to-end solution for all your machine back up issues. This can either be one machine, many machines or a server. This service creates a backup of the data on all computers and servers no matter where their location is. This provides you with the confidence that all your folders and files are backed up and in the event of deleted files can be restored onto the location on same machine or another machine in the event of a major hardware failure.

The service is very easy to set up and is configurable so you can choose what files and folders you want backed up and the frequency of the backup.

Our backups are configured so we receive notifications of the backup status on all machines so in the event of failure we can quickly investigate and remedy any backup failures.

The Backup service works on standard operating systems such as Windows and MACs