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Improve traffic to your site from social media

Social Media Marketing

A fundamental truth of marketing is “sell food where hungry people are” or in other words find a large audience and market to them there, rather than waiting for them to search for you. Twitter, Facebook and other social media sides have huge daily footfalls of potential clients who are hungry for new things.

Twitter and Facebook have changed how companies interact with customers and are an increasingly important indicator to search engines as to the quality and hence ranking of your site.
The aim of social media marketing is to gain brand awareness and mindshare of potential customers and clients, attract them to your site and then educate and inform them of the range of services and product you offer.

Social media can be a very useful marketing tool if used the right way but it can be a long path and an on-going commitment to keep the updates going otherwise people may feel that the company does not care or has even closed. Generating interesting, witty or informative content for your tweets and status updates which will encourage others to share your content widely can be a difficult task but we can help you with the content as well as the strategy and tactics.

Allowing customers to interact rather than just consume lets companies to find out what people really want, to better address customer service issues and build long term trust and relationships with those outside of the organisation.

Solvd can also help you with the more traditional social media marketing such as bulk email or SMS as well as more modern push notification marketing and other social media outlets such as Pintrest and YouTube.