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Desktop Computers

Experienced IT support when you need it

Support for Desktop & Server Computers

We can provide 24×7 IT support for your business. Whether your business needs the productivity gains of Microsoft Office 365, or you need support for your on-premise installation such as Windows Small Business Server and client PCs. We also support Apple products too and are fully experienced in integrating both Macs and Windows PCs to work together.

From time to time we all get frustrated and have problems with our computers whether it is email, anti-virus software or overall performance. This can be a major hindrance to your work especially if it is a business critical solution for a company or you are working at home on an important task.

Rather than the hassle of unplugging and taking your computer  to a shop and wait for it to be looked at, we can provide a remote support service where we can log onto your machine remotely and this enables us to quickly diagnose and resolve problems.

We have a number of customers who use this service and we have been able to log on and resolve various issues such as email configuration, printer issues, problems with Word and Anti Virus.

If you would like to know more about how we can help support your business with a dedicated support plan, please contact us or phone us on 01256 951000.  If you require ad-hoc support (without a contract), please read more on our pay as you go support page.