Pay as you go support
for non-contract customers

Providing remote support when you need it

Don’t want a support contract?

No problem.

Using our remote support system Solvd engineers can remotely login to your machine, diagnose and fix problems, check that everything is working fine and then stabilise the system to reduce the chance of problems re-occurring.

Problems with email, anti-virus, backup and general computer slowdowns can be diagnosed and fixed without the inconvenience of waiting for an engineer to visit.

This service is available to both companies and individuals so if its a home PC or business critical system we can help.

  • Most problems can be fixed within 30 minutes meaning that you get value for money
  • If you can read this page on your computer then we can login and help you
  • No need to signup for ongoing support contract

Simply create a ticket on our helpdesk and we will get in touch.