BlueStacks allows Android apps to be compatible with Windows

Windows 7 & Windows 8 users will have a lot of choice of apps, with the latest deal between AMD and BlueStacks. The BlueStacks Virtual Machine will mean over 500,000 apps can now run on Windows, as long as it’s on an AMD processor.

Windows tablet devices will possibly end up having more Android apps than native Windows apps running on them.

This could be a massive bonus for the upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 tablets – It’s already available for Macs, we’re wondering how long before BlueStacks ports their emulator to iOS?

iOS6 is Here!

iOS6 is here and for the UK it offers some significant benefits to both end users and developers.

Major highlights of iOS6 include:

•             Passbook – a cloud based ticketing  system allowing users to download and use virtual tickets for concerts, trains etc which are also location aware and popup when you reach your destination

•             FaceTime via 3G – dropping of the wifi only requirement that made it a gimmick rather than a serious contender to Skype etc

•             Updated SIRI – supporting a wider range of features and better “outside US” support

•             Facebook integration – in a very similar vein to iOS5x twitter integration


The main areas of contention are the loss of mapping functionality outside the US YouTube vanishing  and lack of iPad v1 support.

The Google maps app has been replaced by the Apple version with data being supplied by TomTom. In the short term many countries have lost traffic and travel information and the quality of the satellite images is very seriously degraded outside of major cities. This problem will no doubt be addressed over time as Apple has the financial muscle to buy in the data it needs but the loss of YouTube and lack of original iPad support is bound to cause some pain for people.

On the plus side you can download upgraded version of YouTube now from the AppStore and Google Maps are still available via safari (or try