Vista SP2 Upgrade

Now that Vista SP2 is being pushed out via automatic updates I will share some lessons to avoid 0xc0190036  error:

Don’t let it install automatically – I shall explain why in  a bit. For now switch automatic updates to “Manual” or “Download Only” so that it does not kick off until you have done the following:

  1. Run checkdisk on the system disk
  2. Run it again
  3. Uninstall your virus scanner
  4. Backup
  5. Make a restore point
  6. Reboot
  7. Run the Upgrade

Failure to do this can cause problems if the file system gets corrupted and or isn’t consitent hence the checkdisks.

ie 8.0 broken sites fixed via compatibility mode

Luckily the IE8.0 team has put in workaround to allow website developers time to fix their code or view historic sites. With IE8.0 now being rolled out via windows update more and more people will bump into this.

The magic button located in the navigation bar just to the right of the address bar (next to the refresh button) and looks like a ripped document.

This will be useful for me as I can now test websites with 2 different flavours of IE without having to drop into my VM.

hot or not? – new iPhone 3GS = toasty

The reports remind me of my beloved (but hot-blooded) Dell XPS M1330 laptop which once got so hot that I had to leave opened and lying on its side in the middle of the drive fearing that it was going to burst into flames and torch my house. Since updating the BIOS and getting the SP1 for Vista I am glad that game of Russian Roulette is over.

If we were not in the middle of a heat wave here I might have a go at writing and marketing the Millets (TM) Handwarmer iPhone app on the Apple store for a few quid. Someone is bound to buy it.

Dlink DNS 323

We found this great little device which now acts as a file server on one of our networks.  It’s not just a networked USB disk though.  Disks can be configured as RAID (Mirrored or Striped) or JBOD (we couldn’t really see the point of that).

It’s also got a USB port for sharing a printer (only a printer unfortunately, but we’re sure there’ll be a hack sometime soon), an iTunes Server, FTP server and a fairly easy to use web interface.  Add to that a Kensington security slot to try to prevent removal by light fingered potential owners.  All in all not bad for a touch over £100.

annoying hostfile quirk – 9 entries per line

So for example: hosts 1-9 will work and resolve correctly but host10 will be be ignored. It will then it will try and resolve by DNS and fail.

My advice FWIW is keep your hostfiles with one entry per line:


Just as it says in the (oft seen but ignored) comments at the top of the hosts file:

“Each entry should be kept on an individual line”

skyfire browser for E71/S60 phones

Apparently it supports Flash and Windows Media videos, including Flash 10 and Silverlight 2.0 which is no mean feat and renders the whole page very fast. This is now my browser of choice (although it did seem to slow down on pages with tons of silly flash adverts).

A review can be found here.

convert VB to C#

When you get faced with some VB code and need to convert it quickly without having to put your VB head on try this converter from telerik (who make excellent .Net controls). A batch version is also available if you have an example project you want to convert.