iOS 7’s Flat Design – Big Changes Ahead

According to various leaks from trusted sources the UI in iOS 7 will be getting a major redesign – such as losing a lot of the skeuomorphic trends (that’s all those fake leather & paper effects) that feature in the current design of the operating system.

Could we see a move in the direction of Windows 8’s interface, or does that ultra-clean metro style work as well as the friendly look and feel of the iOS interface? Whatever happens, it looks like there will be major UI changes ahead, like a dashboard and more possible merging of the look and feel of  the mobile OS and OS X 10.9.  Bloomberg recently reported that Apple had been rushing to finish iOS 7 for it’s launch in September and had to get people from the Mac group involved in the push to get iOS 7 ready.

The developer version of iOS 7 should be out in June following the WWDC, so we’ll have to wait until then before we can get a real idea of how it’ll look.