Top Windows 8 Shortcuts

1. Run any Program

To run any windows program, just type the name of the program when the start menu is displayed. This will open the search box and you’ll get hints as to which programs to open.

2. Get access to the old ‘Start’ type menu

Press Windows + X and you’ll see a small context menu that has shortcuts to lots of useful windows features, such as a command prompt, control panel, event viewer, disk management and lots more.

3. Print Screen

Pressing Windows + Print Screen will save an image in the ScreenShots folder in your Pictures library. Much nicer than having to paste it into Word or Paintbrush.

4. Charms

Press Windows + C to get the Charms bar (Search/Settings etc)

5. See what Apps are Running

Press Windows + Tab

6. Launch Explorer

Press Windows + E

7. Lock your PC

Press Windows + L

8. Share Something in an App

9. Move around the tiles on the Start Screen

Press Home/PgUp/PgDn/End/Cursors & launch apps (without a mouse or touch screen) by pressing Enter

10. Display the Settings menu of the current app

Windows + I

11. Open the Share menu for the current App

Press Windows + H

12. Activate Desktop Mode

Windows + D