Football Club Website for a Premier League South African Football Club

Free State Stars General Manager Rantsi Mokoena has welcomed the launch of the new club website as a much-needed breath of fresh air for his football club.

“In this day and age the team cannot only rely only on traditional media such as television and print media to communicate with supporters and broader public, it is important that we stay abreast of trends in the communication arena,” Mokoena explained. “For a team such as Free State Stars there isn’t as much access to media compared to other team in the bigger cities.”

He further elaborated on the need to stay in touch with fans that are based outside the Free State. “Our support base is not only in the Free State, but everywhere else in the country, and even in other countries, so it is great that we can utilise social networking tools which are integrated on our website – to keep in touch with them.”

Mokoena emphasised that the team known as ‘Ea Lla Koto’ was also looking to keeping other stakeholders abreast of developments at the club via the website. “We have sponsors, suppliers, national and international bodies, and clients that interact with on a daily basis – having a frequently updated website means they will will now simply access whatever information they need via the site. Besides the brand exposure gained via the site makes commercial sense.

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