Design and Development of a Water Network Monitoring Portal

After successfully developing and implementing a suite of database utilities for Thames Water to help them to analyse various water flows, Solvd were invited to join them in participating the Smartwater4Europe project.

Smartwater4Europe is a European commissioned grant agreement to demonstrate integrated smart water supply solutions across four sites across Europe. As well as Thames Water from the UK the project involved companies from France, Holland, Spain and Lille University.

Solvd’s involvement was to develop an internal platform website for Thames Water to plot a data map of all their instruments and assets including Meters, Pipes, Valves, Reservoirs, Water Towers, distribution and trunk mains.

Solvd used their technical web development and database experience to develop a generic import program which would receive different daily data files from Thames Water and other sources so that the data was right up to date. This included daily details of customer and network leakages and trunk bursts as well as Meter Alarms.

All items were plotted on a map of the Thames Water area in their relevant location.

The platform was written using ASP.NET MVC with a Microsoft SQL Server Database backend.

Staff at Thames Water could then click on a particular asset such as an alarm and it would provide details of that alarm (Date, Start Time, End Time and Cause) and a history of all alarms for a particular household Meter or Network Meter.

This helped Thames Water monitor and analyse the frequency and number of alarms in a certain vicinity and highlight areas that need addressing and troubleshooting.

This contributed to the overall Smartwater4Europe project enabling Thames Water to improve on their regular water supply to customers.