Design and Development of a Bespoke Fire Survey Reporting System

Firesafe Solutions (UK) Ltd is a nationwide Fire Consultancy company working for a wide range of companies to ensure they stay within the law.

Solvd were tasked with automating their Fire Risk Assessment paper-based process in which their officers visit premises throughout the UK and fill in their own Risk Assessment Word template checklist on any risks and actions that needed to be addressed for the premises manager to comply with the law.

Solvd developed a bespoke portal web site in ASP.NET MVC which would enable the personnel at Firesafe Solution to scan in each completed Risk Assessment document and store key information for each Premises including all risks and actions in a Microsoft SQL Server Database. This enables them to immediately see the most up to date information on all Premises visited on the portal web site.

It also enables the Premises manager to view all their actions for their Premises in an easy format and update each one quickly.

Solvd then developed a series of significant reports which can be accessed on the Portal using SQL Server Reporting Services which enables the area managers to view a list of all Premises with outstanding actions and critical information on each Premises.

Solvd also developed an automatic reminder system which would email Premises Managers at certain times if they had not completed all their critical outstanding tasks.

Feedback from the Firesafe Solutions (UK) Ltd Administrator of the Project.

“Thank you for all your help on this project. It has been a really good experience and I am really pleased with the end result.”